Brownstein NCJW’s local Advocate

Local News l

NCJW has a strong focus on Advocacy. It’s mission is to strive for social justice, help others find their voices and not speak for them, but with them.

I am representing the state of Florida once again as State Policy Advocate (SPA) Co-Chair. This privilege gives me the opportunity to represent the Sarasota-Manatee Section plus the state during legislative sessions in Tallahassee. Locally, I am presently working on building coalitions, with like-minded community organizations and connecting our section with our five sister sections on the east coast and the one in Tallahassee.

NCJW as a non-partisan volunteer organization cares about women, children and families. I will continue to work toward our goals and share our local accomplishments with the rest of the state of Florida, our DC office and the other SPAs throughout the United States.
If anyone wants to discuss our advocacy work, including policies, issues and positions, please contact me at (941-243-3601).