Delicate Conversations

A four-part virtual event designed to help you engage in conversations about senior life transition planning with family and friends.

Session 1:
Personal Responsibility

Professionals in the field of gerontology, religion, advocacy will address the importance of the next stage of life planning.

Session 2:
Something is Not Kosher at Home

Professionals in the field of medicine, memory care and support services will provide information on where to get help within Sarasota-Manatee

Session 3:
Declutter / L’dor V’dor “from Generation to Generation”

Professionals in the field of eldercare and estate planning will discuss how to pass your wishes on to your loved ones through the personal organization.

Session 4:
And Life Goes On: Finding the Joy in the Oy

Now what? How do I make new friends? What do I want?

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