Giving Back: The Hannah G. Solomon Leadership Circle

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By Erica Brody

Look behind the scenes of any successful national volunteer organization dedicated to social change, and you’ll find a cadre of passionate change-makers. Look deeper, and you’ll also find a circle of dedicated major donors who know that philanthropic leadership is crucial for any organization’s success.

The National Council of Jewish Women is no exception. And that’s why earlier this year NCJW launched a new program. Named for NCJW’s founder, the Hannah G. Solomon Leadership Circle provides supporters with a new opportunity to help NCJW realize its mission — through annual, unrestricted contributions of $5,000 or more.

“The need for pioneering social change is as relevant today as when NCJW was founded. This circle celebrates Hannah’s name and her courageous work,” said Linda Slucker, NCJW’s assistant treasurer and development committee chair. “When you have a credible organization like NCJW with a mission that embodies what you believe in, giving in an ongoing capacity is very appealing. The act of tzedakah is never-ending. That symbol of the circle is one that’s used over and over again in Jewish life. It just feels right.”

NCJW board member Robin Frank finds it “exciting to be one of the circle’s founding members.” “Giving NCJW the flexibility it needs financially to respond to issues as they evolve and emerge can only encourage us to stay at the forefront of social change,” she said. “I have supported NCJW for the last 30 years. I have always supported our efforts in Israel, in Washington, and on the local level, philanthropically and through volunteering. This circle gives me the opportunity to support our efforts currently and in
the years to come.”

For her part, NCJW board member Nancy Eskow spoke of how an action-based organization must react rapidly and nimbly to challenges as they arise: “Successful fund development must take place for our organization to provide the wonderful community service, advocacy efforts, and various programs that we develop and sustain. Only with financial support can we provide forwardlooking efforts to improve the quality of life for women, children, and families in the US and in Israel.”

The Hannah G. Solomon Leadership Circle, Eskow said, provides “a wonderful new avenue of giving over and above the opportunities that have existed for so many years. I am proud to be a part of this new endeavor, knowing that my unrestricted gift will help NCJW meet its obligations as well as allow it to dream just a little more.”

“Giving Back” is a regular column in the National Council of Jewish Women’s flagship magazine, the award-winning NCJW Journal. Each issue showcases a member or donor group whose support for NCJW exemplifies the compassionate and courageous spirit of the organization. Learn more about how you can participate in one of NCJW’s many giving opportunities.