Help wanted — NCJW needs you!

Local News l

Vision Screening of Pre-Scholers
If anyone is interested in helping, please contact NCJW.

Hearing Screening of Pre-Scholers
There is a great need for volunteers for Venice, Nokomis or Osprey.  If you are interested call NCJW.

Imaginative, Creative and Fun-loving volunteers for exciting new fundraiser
Members needed to help insure the success of a new fundraiser which will raise money for the NCJW scholarship fund for non-traditional students  (minimum of 27 years old returning or have returned to school after a 5 year hiatus).  This special fund helps individuals  who are, despite many obstacles, finishing their college or professional education which they see as a path toward bettering themselves and providing for their families.  Please contact NCJW. The Committee will meet at the beginning of November to work on all facets of the event:  invitations, flyer, budgets, sponsorship, possible silent auction, etc.

“Someone to Talk To” Needs More Puppeteers
This very special and successful puppet show for first graders helps them to understand and recognize mental, physical and sexual abuse.  New puppeteers are needed to develop a second team so that more children will be able to see the presentation.  All of you who love children and puppets need to contact NCJW.

Programming Assistants
Help create and assist in the implementation of new and different programs for our members.  If you enjoy event planning, this is for you.  Please call NCJW.

Angels for Angel Patron Event
Member or members to plan this annual event.  A home is already in place.  Details to be arranged: date, speaker or program, refreshments, reservations.  Help with a flyer is available. If you are interested or want more information, please call NCJW.

News & Views Coordinator(s)
Language afficionado(s) needed to organize, edit and/or proof our news so that it can go to our graphic arts professional for layout.  Call NCJW.

For additional information on any of these positions, please contact NCJW at (941) 342-1855.