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The Bintel Briefs are a compilation of letters to the editor of the Jewish Forward newspaper. They were written by Jewish immigrants in the early 20th century in New York City. Like the Dear Abby column, a Bindel Brief was a Yiddish advice column. The editor would respond to the letter with advice.

The column was started by Abraham Cohan, the editor of Der Forverts (The Forward) in 1906.
It contained anonymously printed readers’ questions and posted replies. Recent Jewish immigrants, predominantly from Eastern Europe, asked for advice on various facets of their acculturation to America, including economic, family, religious and theological difficulties. In Yiddish, bintel means “bundle” and brief means a “letter” or “letters.”

It was a part of some peoples’ lives to such an extent as are radio and television today. It has been the subject of books, essays, a graphic novel and a Yiddish play.

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