At-risk tweens program off to an excellent start

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The JANET (Jewish Action for Non-Violent Expression of Tweens) Project’s mission is to sponsor at-risk “tweens”, from Sarasota and Manatee Counties, who attend Camp Mariposa, an addiction-prevention and mentoring program for youth who have been impacted by substance abuse in their families. This program currently is funded, in part, by a grant from The Moyer Foundation and is sustained and managed by the Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JFCS). Since JFCS’s welcoming The JANET Project to be a part of the Camp Mariposa structure in 2016, NCJW has funded one camper, for one year, provided the 30 campers with “blankees” assembled by our members, and finished off by the campers as a craft project, and has given the campers toiletry items donated by our NCJW members.

With the children attending six weekend overnight camp sessions during a calendar year, NCJW members were day visitors to Camp Mariposa during two of those weekends. During the year, JFCS staff members meet with the children and the children’s caretakers for counseling purposes. They also host family social gatherings.

There are opportunities to volunteer for this project, for example, organizing a craft project, teaching a sports skill or volunteering at a family outing. If interested, please contact the co-chairs.
In addition to any direct donations to The JANET Project, all contributions to the NCJW Tribute Card Fund go toward The JANET Project.

Our goals with this Project are to maintain financial sustainability, from year to year, to provide funding for at least one camper (or more) each year, and to provide the campers with personal items (clothing, toiletry items, etc.) to help give them a feeling of being special!