Sarasota-Manatee Section Tallahassee Advocacy Days

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Left to right: Joan Bour, Lauren Brownstein, Cyrus Calhoun, aide to Representative Newton, Marcia Schweitzer, and Cathy Markowitz

During March Advocacy Days in Tallahassee, several members of our section met with Senator Steube and an aide for Senator Galvano. We expressed our support of bill #SB286: Human Trafficking Education in Public Schools Health Classes, an issue we care about. We addressed our concerns for children and women, particularly on gun safety and gun violence.

Senator Galvano’s aide heard our concerns on women’s health issues, equal pay and gun safety. We asked him to support SB286. We left a mini-silhouette, explaining our Human Trafficking Awareness Program, at each senate office, hoping this will remind them to continue working toward Human Trafficking Education.

We met with Representatives Miller and Gruters, to discuss health and equal pay for women, and concerns for children. With Representative Gonzalez, we discussed the disabled and child welfare issues. Rep. Newton’s aide met with us to talk about mental health issues and the homeless.
Being in Tallahassee enabled us to open doors with our legislators, many whom we had not met before. We made them aware of NCJW’s mission and our local section’s concerns. We were excited to begin forming a larger Advocacy Team, to work on legislative issues as well as continuing our ongoing programs.

Respectfully submitted,
Lauren Brownstein
Joan Bour
Cathy Markowitz
Marcia Schweitzer