Teen dating program may need ‘tweaking’

Local News l

Over the past several years, the Sarasota/Manatee Section presented Teen Dating Education to school age children between the ages of 12-18. It includes a video called “Dealing with Teen Dating Abuse: Matters of Choice” that was purchased from the Essex County Section in New Jersey.

The messages in this educational program are simple:
1. Abuse is never acceptable,
2. Abuse is much more than giving a person a push or black eye,
3. Abuse is also demonstrated through manipulation and verbal attacks,
4. The appropriate and inappropriate ways to handle abuse and the choices that one has when he or she gets hurt.

Due to external challenges with promoting this project, it is time to think about tweaking the program to include, or piggy back on, different models such as the “Me Too” movement; “anti-bullying”; or “just say no.” There are a number of ways this can be integrated and we are looking for volunteers who would like to incorporate new ideas into this excellent program. One idea is to create a brochure that contains strong messages and pictures for young people etc. Another idea is to partner with organizations that are already promoting this platform with settings outside of the public schools. We want to hear your ideas and suggestions!

Please contact Marcia Schweitzer at if you have experience, knowledge on these topics, and/or are motivated to try something new.