Time to update member info

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Although summer is moving slowly, fall is rapidly approaching and NCJW is working hard on plans for another exciting year of events and projects. At the same time, your Directory Committee is updating our information and will include our Section schedule for the 2019 MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY.

Year after year, many generous members have supported the CHAI CHAIN OF LIFE page listing their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In addition, a separate IN MEMORIAM section enables us to honor our loved ones of blessed memory. A SIMCHA section makes it possible for us to share our special and life-cycle happenings. By your participation in this effort, it allows us to distribute this Directory to each member of our Section annually. We hope that we can count on more of YOU to support this project. All information regarding the Directory and its contents will be sent at a later date and we THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

One last reminder: If you have any changes that should go into the Directory during the year, (addresses, phone numbers, including cell numbers, emails, etc.) please contact Meg Antine, Financial Secretary, ( with your updates.
Shalom from the “Four Musketeers” Barbara Berkowitz, Lauren Brownstein, Geet Jacobson and our newest musketeer, Marilyn Shapo, Co-Editors.